About the Cook

I use the term 'cook' loosely.

I'm Chloe, I'm a mum of two girls - aged 4 & aged 0.
I LOVE food & drink, (particularly the consuming bit). I enjoy cooking (though there have been kitchen fires of small proportions) & amongst other things, I am an ever-learning Barista, both of these things I have done in various roles, inflicting my bakes, cakes & cuppucini on paying customers.

Currently enjoying - aside from the tantrums & tears - being a Stay at Home Mum to my girls I am occassionally guilty of being a bit of a Beans-On-Toast Mum.
We all want this to change - not only for our health but to get rid of those nasty side effects that Beans Beans the Musical Fruit bless us with!

This blog is to be my account of the mission I've set myself to cook more without burning or charring; to feed my Girls & Man well; to be greener & eat local & to be generally wholesome! You can also follow my foodie ramblings in real time (prepare to call the emergency services!): @PeaGreenPantry

Okay, so the wholesome bit may be stretching it a little, but I'll try not to do too much swearing.

If you do fancy some swearing then please feel free to have a nosey at my personal blog: Our Pea Green Pod
or follow me with swearing on Twitter: @OurPeaGreenPod

Wish me luck, & Thank You for your visit!


  1. Great into and good idea for a site.

  2. have tagged you in a Meme to give you a chance to be discovered by others, please feel free to join in or ignore as you see fit Elaine


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