Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hello all, just a quick message to say that this week I am celebrating my birthday & simultaneously going thru a bit of a dry blogging patch so I shall be taking a week off the old blogging & will be back in time to do a Food as Therapy post next week! Apologies for any inconvenience & all that - have a lovely week all!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Food as Therapy #3

Firstly, apologies all for the delay in this week's post. Yesterday saw the funeral of my Great Aunty Joy. It was a sad day for us all, but particularly for my Grandmother, her sister, who was very close to her & had cared for her until the end. In the latter years of her life she had sadly suffered from severe dementure & so was not herself as we all knew her, but in tales I have heard lately of her life it's even clearer to me that she was an inspiring woman.

Stories ranged from those that included wild motorbike rides to London with her sister to working with the elderly & teaching disabled children to ride horses.

Now, I know you may be thinking what has this to do with food or therapy but let me get to it.

My memories of Aunty Joy are skipping in through the porch of her bungalow, shoes trip-trapping on the cold concrete floor & through into the kitchen - pale blue cupboards, small gas hob, folding leaf table - & inevitably the request to be given a task, more often than not, making small terracotta plant pots into fully furnished houses for tiny clay mice, but whatever the task before it was undertaken she would stoop into one particular blue cupboard & pluck from it a jar of jelly babies. We would each take one & then on with the matter in hand.

Sometimes, the task would be baking rather than making. One particular occassion, I remember coating macaroons in chocolate & coconut. To this day, every time I partake in the odd macaroon, that'll be my first thought. Another foodstuff that never fails to evoke childhood memories of both Aunty Joy & my Granny is the wonderful thing that is jelly, but not any ordinary jelly - jelly with appropriate fruit suspended in animation. As a child this was the pinnacle of desserts, not only delicious but I remain mystified as to how the fruit found it's way into it's place! I now make this for my daughter too!

So food does not only serve the one purpose - to nourish us. Because it is something we partake in so often, food relates to so much more, including associations with people, places & memories.

These are some of my foody memories, & this week I ask, what are yours? What dishes, recipes or anything else do you assosciate with good times, beautiful places or loved ones? What food brings not just nourishment or fulfillment to your body, but warmth & happiness to your soul?

I look forward to hearing from you all. Please link up below, comment or drop me a line on Twitter (@PeaGreenPantry).



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fruitiness & Exoticism...

My challenge to you this week was to branch out...

Following my lack of green-grocing adventurousness of course I was going to join in too.

We plumped for a papaya, some kumkwats (LOVE that word!) & asian pears.

Though papaya isn't that adventurous but I've never actually tried one, except from massaging it into my locks as part of my shampoo. Turns out I think I'll be leaving that one for the bathroom! It was a taste like nothing else really, with a soapy aftertaste - though I loved to eat soap during my first pregnancy this was not measuring up! Secondly KUMQUAT (still LOVE that word!) tiny little citrus fruit which I assumed you ate whole. They tasted sour but deliciously so. Yum yum yumquat. Thirdly Asian pears,the taste can be described only as a cross between an apple & a pear with a texture more like an apple that has gone all pear-shaped with juiciness. Delectable!

How did you get on? Have you been eating-happy this week? GOOD LORD I sound like some sort of patronising heath-professional.

I take that 'eating-happy' bit back? I'll just ask 'are you all okay?!'.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Food as Therapy - Week #2

Last week saw the beginning of our little blog hop which is intended to help us all feel a little bit better about ourselves by being a little more thoughtful about what we put into our bodies & supporting each other on the journey to eating ourselves well. If you'd like to know a little more then please click on the Food as Therapy top tab & have a little read.

Otherwise, let's get cracking. This week for me has been all about fruit. I love fruit but no way do I eat enough, which is ridiculous when I think about it! It's cheaper than chocolate & crisps & a million times better for us!

This week, we did our first 'proper shop' in absolutely ages. Whenever we go to the supermarket I enjoy browsing the 'Exotic Fruit' section & though I'm always tempted to buy something I know that I'll inevitably leave it to disintergrate in the fruit bowl, not knowing how to or with what to eat it.

All this considered, I come to wonder, when the sodding hell did I become so DULL? I'm afraid of fruit. What a square! So you know what, I'm going to go & buy some bizarre fruit & what is more I am going to scoff them down!

I call for you to join me, living on the very brink, driving in the fast lane & go & buy & et some sort of CRAZY fruit that you wouldn't usually buy. Okay, it doesn't have to be crazy, but just something you wouldn't usually purchase or eat, or even better, go all out & grab yourself some random fruits & make a risiculous fruit salad! 

I prefer the green-grocers, but supermarkets often have quite a selection too. Either way, put a little sunshine in your day!

You can link up your images & blog posts using the linky below. Alternatively, why not use #FoodasTherapy on Twitter or tweet at me- @PeaGreenPantry! Remember, you can link up whatever you like, on the subject of Food as Therapy, the challenge is only optional! You have until Wednesday evening to link up & then next Thursday I'll do a little showcase! You see, getting very organised now! Ahem...

Good luck on your quest & I hope to see lots of linkies!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Daughter Loves...

Pasta, pesto, goats cheese, roasted peppers & onions, fresh spinach or basil & fresh cherry tomatoes.

Anything with pasta in has got Eldest's vote but this simple dish is one of my favourites too. Ready in less than 20 mins makes it even better!

We often use feta instead of goats cheese & I like to add mushrooms too when we've got them in.

Just shove anything you fancy in there & see how it tastes. Simple things are the best!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Running for Mind

Just a quick post to say that this year I shall be taking part in the Bupa Great North Run in order to raise money for the charity Mind.

You can donate & help me reach my target of £300 here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChloeSkinnerMind 

or by clicking on the picture of me looking like a smug runner to the right!

You can read more about why I'm running here: http://ourpeagreenpod.blogspot.com/2012/03/running-for-mind.html

Please help spread the word! Every last penny is hugely appreciated!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Picnic on a Plate

How difficult do you find it to coerce the wee ones into eating vegetabley goodness? Whatever happened to the days of pureeing everything up & cunningly disguising the good stuff in a mush of rice or porridge?

Sometimes I find it incredibly taxing - "Eurrgghh, I don't liiiiiike iiiit!" YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED IT! - but I've found an incredibly simple trick that works for us.

We call it our Picnic on a Plate & sometimes we even eat it with our legs crossed on the floor! It consists of whatever veg is to hand, some fruit too, maybe a sandwich or some breadsticks with dips, a yoghurt or jelly on the side if we are really lucky & a hard boiled egg always goes down a treat too!

The trick works better if we are sharing (she tries to eat more up before I scoff the lot) & we try different combinations, build carrot stick castles (okay so playing with your food only works if supervised!) & take our time, but inevitably it all goes down the right way!I can't wait 'til baby girl is old enough to join in with us too, the beauty being that as soon as they're on proper solids it can be a part of their diet!

Yum yum! Happy Monday all!