Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fruitiness & Exoticism...

My challenge to you this week was to branch out...

Following my lack of green-grocing adventurousness of course I was going to join in too.

We plumped for a papaya, some kumkwats (LOVE that word!) & asian pears.

Though papaya isn't that adventurous but I've never actually tried one, except from massaging it into my locks as part of my shampoo. Turns out I think I'll be leaving that one for the bathroom! It was a taste like nothing else really, with a soapy aftertaste - though I loved to eat soap during my first pregnancy this was not measuring up! Secondly KUMQUAT (still LOVE that word!) tiny little citrus fruit which I assumed you ate whole. They tasted sour but deliciously so. Yum yum yumquat. Thirdly Asian pears,the taste can be described only as a cross between an apple & a pear with a texture more like an apple that has gone all pear-shaped with juiciness. Delectable!

How did you get on? Have you been eating-happy this week? GOOD LORD I sound like some sort of patronising heath-professional.

I take that 'eating-happy' bit back? I'll just ask 'are you all okay?!'.

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