Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Foody Memories

As you may have guessed, food is something that I LOVE! For me, some dishes aren't just about tasting good here & now, but they hold lovely memories too.

One thing that I used to love as a child was coming home to my Grandfather's house from school on a chilly winter evening, skipping through the front door into the kitchen & being swathed in the rich aroma of lamb or beef & an array of vegetables which had been gently stewing all day long. After my half-hour piano practice in the study I would race up the hallway (ignoring the square patterns on the carpet which I would usually delight in hop-scotching on) & tear into the kitchen, knowing that he would have the ancient Pyrex bowl, an old battered tablespoon & some flour, suet & salt waiting so that we could prepare the dumplings. Simple food, for simple times. Perfect.

Stew is so simple & versatile, but so wholly satisfying & comforting to devour of an evening (complete with dumplings, naturally!) that I don't think I could ever tire of it, even if I didn't associate it with such warm childhood memories.

What are your foody memories? I would be delighted to hear, or even see a picture & would love for you to comment or even link up below!


  1. Food has a wonderful way of evoking memories. My dad always used to make French toast when mum needed a break from cooking. I always think of him now when I make it!

    1. It really does, TY for sharing :) you can't beat a bit of french toast either - yum!


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