Friday, 24 February 2012

Late Night Crumbling

After a day of horrendous suffering that lethal agony that is the Man Flu (yes ladies, I do let the side down, a thousand apologies!) come the evening I was feeling a little perkier & a little peckish.. Okay, more like ravenous (what?! I had been suffering & can't go for more than a few hours without at least a snack!) & so, foraging thru the sparse supplies in the fridge I happened across some blueberries which were in desperate need of consumption ("EAT US, EAT US!!") however blueberries alone weren't going to cut it for a girl who hadn't eaten in oohh, what...4 hours?!

My immediate thought was "Get your muffin on!"
A quick rummage later & alas, no muffin cases.
There was only one thing for it: EMERGENCY CRUMBLE

3 x Dessert Apples - check
2 x Handfuls Blueberries - check
Little Knob (Steady!) of Butter - check
1 x tbsp Sugar - check
1 x tbsp Muscovado Sugar - check
1/2 x tsp Cinnamon - check
Dash of Nutmeg - check
Looking good! & the crumble topping?
4oz Flour - check
2oz Oats - check
3oz Butter - check
3oz Sugar - check

STOP! Crumble time...

Firstly, I heated the sugars & butter until all the sugar was dissolved & then wapped in my apples (chopped into smallish sized chunks) & the spices, cooking until evenly coated in the sticky stuff & ever so slightly tender. It's best if you do it in a frying pan but for the purposes of making as little washing up as possible (but ultimately just being a massive faff) I did mine in a tiny saucepan.

Then I just chucked them in a bowl with the uncooked blueberries on top & a bit more sugar for good measure.

Then the topping. You can easily make plain with 4oz (100g) flour & 2oz (50g) butter & 2oz (50g) sugar but I like the extra wholesomeness of oats in there too. Either way rub in the butter & flour until it looks like a crumble topping, then stir in the sugar & oats, if using.

Wang it on top, stick it in the oven, medium heat, for 25 mins, until nice & golden brown.

Take out when done & eat with whatever you fancy. In my case, straight from the bowl! Wait until the hubby [or wife] gets home (or if you are lucky enough not to have an other half then scoff it all yourself) & see the suspicious look on their face when they see the crumble waiting for them!

Easy as, Easier than Pie!

~ * ~
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