Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Here's one I made earlier!

I told you earlier that today I would be doing a spot of easy baking with Eldest. Alas, dear readers, I am dying. I think I have the man flu or some other such ailment, but whatever it is, baking is not on the cards - lying around moaning & possibly eating some baked goods, however, is totally on.
Though this was never meant to be the first official PGP post, rather a little something to whet your appetite, before we really get stuck in, I still feel I've let you down & so here is a post I made earlier instead. Originally made for my personal blog Our Pea Green Pod.

~   *   ~
We like to bake. We love to bake! However...finding a spare half an hour when you have a 3 year old child who spends most of her time on the naughty step & a ten week old baby who spends most of her time eating, crying or soiling herself can be a little bit tricky.
So, if you are in a similar predicament to me, then you may appreciate my step by step guide to cupcakes.
1. Preparation is key. Firstly get all your ingredients together: remember: 4:4:4:2 or in this case 2:2:2:1 - this is 4oz SRFlour, 4oz caster sugar, 4oz butter to two medium free range eggs. Place them on a tea towel so as to disguise your mingin' work tops from anyone who may be watching you, for whatever reason.

2. Check that baby is sleeping soundly. Yes? Good.

3. Find child & place in apron (may be trickier than it seems).

4. Make child smile & banish from sucking thumb until finished. Crop out mop in background.

 5. Remove gross child-germs from child's hands.

6. Now, at last, baking. Cream together butter & sugar using electric mixer, unless your child, like mine, is scared of electric mixers, hoovers, hand dryers etc. in which case either do this by hand or tell child it's safe to enter when you're done.

7. Beat in egg & vanilla essence. ("Awwww I wanted to crack the egg, Mummyyyy...")

8. After ensuing egg-related sulk, gradually stir in the flour.

9. Scoop into cases, taking extra care to avoid child saliva & other bodily fluids contaminating mixture.

10. Bugger, too late.

11. Place on tray & bake in oven for 10 minutes.

12. Meanwhile, have a cuppa, relax & contemplate why you ever thought it was a good idea to let your child in a room that houses sharp knives & dangerous electrical equipment, especially when all they ever do is ask "What's this?!" whilst wielding a meat cleaver or other such dangerous object the moment your back is turned. Perhaps I should add, in the name of safety & common sense - put all the sharp things tightly away!

13. Check buns, realise you are crap at timing & return to oven for a further five minutes.

14. Remove from oven. Perfect buns every time. 
If not, blame child.


  1. Chloe!! This is brilliant! Made me chuckle lots! And a bit peckish. And now i want a cuddly mushroom! Love you xxx lally xxx

  2. These instructions are SO lovely. I really enjoyed reading this :)

    (I'm visiting today from the Love All Blogs showcase)

    1. Thank you very much :) made my day when I read this!


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